Welcome to the Shoreditch Grandprix, a site that is dedicated to bringing you news from the world of entrepreneurship and freelancing. We might focus our business to Shoreditch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from us.


Our organization gathers news about freelancing, start-up, and entrepreneurship and sifts through them to find the info your readers might find useful. The info you can see in articles from this site revolves around trends and other aspects of starting and running a business.

Compilation of data

Compilation of data and extraction of relevant info from the same is a service we perform. Our clients benefit from info about markets they plan to enter.

Web design

Our company is big, and therefore we also do web design work. We assist people in the creation of sites that will represent their business. A lot of work revolves around web design, and we are here to help you succeed in this vast market.


The Internet is vast, and language barriers can prevent you from making money. One of our employees is a linguist and therefore providing translation services is part of the businesses we do.

Finding workspace

Our company is intent on helping people succeed. Finding suitable workspace, whether it refers to a Shoreditch office space for rent or a coworking space service we offer to every interested individual.

Teaching people

Teaching people how to recognize trends in the market is an essential service we provide as trends dictate everything. Fail to follow the trend, and you will run out of business.


Being a freelancer is hard because business is scarce. Contact us and our employees will evaluate your skills and determine whether you can become a part of a start-up. This will be your first step toward regular income.

StartUp UK

There was an evident lack of start-up efforts in the UK until last several years. The reason for the comeback of start-up business model is the arrival of the cheap workforce that prompted people into finding ways to outdo cheap services and products with something that is better for everyone.


We are the best because we care about people who want to learn from us. Every guide and every advice we give has a lot of work behind it as we avoid trying to help without having facts to back up our claims.


This blog is just another way for us to inform people that we exist and that we are here to help. News you will read on the blog is relevant to the current state of the market.